I was petrified when I discovered, at only 45 years old, that I needed a complete hip replacement. After mere minutes of sitting down with Dr. Schutte and his team, all of my fears were put aside. Within we eks of my surgery, I was able to return to better than my normal activity . I even ran my first half marathon at 18 months post surgery. Dr. Schutte no t only replaced my hip, but he also gave me back the lifestyle that I love!

Shannon CampbellShannon Campbell

Excellent pre-op information and session, I felt well prepared. The operating room staff were all smiling, professional, concerned for my well-being and very reassuring. Physical Therapy was extremely helpful in preparing me for going home and reassuring me that climbing steps was going to be fine.

Gail YoungGail Young

Dr. Schutte and the team explained everything professionally and thoroughly on the front end. My overall experience was “A Plus.” It was truly a five-star experience of hospital stays. My expectations were beyond exceeded. The nurses and everyone were superb!

joe land thumbnailJoe Land (Bilateral hip replacement)